Ajna is the sixth primary chakra, or the third eye, in Yogic system that allows one to perceive things beyond ordinary perception.

At its core, AjnaLens aims to augment human intelligence to enable and empower humans into perceiving and doing what is beyond their capabilities. We explored and delved deep into the trajectory of human evolution to identify what could be altered to impact society positively and help it achieve more. This called for the pushing of computation limitations far beyond the two-dimensional imagination. The result was the next generation of computing technology powered by Augmented and Mixed Reality, a technology that bridges our reality with the digital world.

AjnaLens' AR glasses were born as a catalyst to outperform in work and personal lives. What initially started as a revolutionary tool for the defence sector proved invaluable and expanded into enterprise and training sectors. The make-in-India, for-the-world vision emanated in our experts' minds sets the new frontier to computational and Artificial Intelligence technology. AjnaLens seeks to revolutionize defence and security, enterprise, and training sectors demonstrating what were once figments of imagination.

Our technology has proven especially beneficial in the Covid19 pandemic, and we constantly strive to push the boundaries through our advanced hardware and customized software solutions. The future is now, and AjnaLens creates a new technological frontier transforming societies for the better.

Meet the Founders

Pankaj Raut

Co-founder and CEO

Abhishek Tomar

Co-founder and CTO

Abhijit Patil

Co-founder and COO

Pankaj is a Mechatronics Engineer from London South Bank University. He is a global thought leader who is regularly invited as a speaker to share insights on the future of AR/VR on various platforms. Engineer at heart, he developed Europe’s best 3D scanning system with 45 DSLR cameras & software behind it which can convert photos into 3D models to use for games, 3D printing and digitizing humans. He has been featured in The Guardian, Yahoo News, The Register (UK), Harvard (USA), Ren TV (Russia), IMBC (South Korea) for this work.

He also has business development & sales experience in a few of his past experiences. Due to this expertise, he is leading the vision of the company, business development. Sales & marketing of AjnaLens.

Abhishek has a Masters in Computer Science. His skillset specializes in computer vision & computer graphics whose AR+AI work has featured in award-winning films & computer games. He is the spiritual core techie behind all IPs & various algorithms deployed on our wearables.

He has 17 years of experience in this field and developed many algorithms & technologies like real-time camera and environment tracking, real-time 3D background generation, dynamic lighting for virtual objects, virtual cinematography using a virtual camera, 3D face reconstruction, digital dress reconstruction and dynamic simulation.

He has 12 patents & 5 publications, and he regularly presents at the SIGGRAPH conference. Due to his expertise, he is leading product & technology development, software & algorithm development, IP development & leading the team towards our technology vision.

Abhijit is a Mechanical Engineer from IIT Bombay with an inside perspective of product development & manufacturing for Defence & Enterprise products. He designed & developed multiple machines to solve real-life problems during his student life at IIT Bombay. He has received a National level GYTI award from Dr APJ Abdul Kalam for his innovations. Also, he developed India’s low-cost 3D Printer & made a successful business out of it to start his entrepreneurship journey, developed customized implants from 3D Printing & 3D Scanning technology to cure mandibular cancer efficiently & save the lives of 2 patients. He also received the student of the year award in IIT Bombay in the technology & innovation category. He was a lead hardware developer in MIT Media Labs

During his past experiences, he set up component processing & manufacturing setup for Brahmos Missile at Godrej & Vego bike at TVS Motors. He also has been featured for his innovations & work in leading newspapers and platforms like Times of India, Economic Times, Yourstory, Business outlook, VC Circle, VR Focus, Deccan Chronicle, Hindustan Times, Indian Express. Due to his expertise, he is leading hardware manufacturing, supply chain management, finance, fundraising & operations of AjnaLens.

We augment human intelligence so that you can accomplish more.

We can live an extraordinary life if humans and computers together play by their strengths. Technology can process complex data and give us useful insights so that we can focus on creativity, problem-solving and meaningful collaborations.

About AjnaLens

We believe that all the major world problems we face today can be effectively solved if we combine the strengths of technology and humans. We design products that enhance human capabilities and are simple to use to help people make decisions being wiser than before. Our mixed reality headset is designed to augment human intelligence so that people can realize their full potential.


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