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Augmenting Human Intelligence

We, as Humans, are the most powerful creation on Earth to date. During evolution, we have created various tools and technologies to fuel our growth and bring us to where we are today. The technologies around us are becoming more intelligent and innovative, but they are still unable to understand us truly. We live in a 3D world, but our technologies are trapped in 2D screens. Doing this has limited the ability to interact with our surroundings in a more immersive way digitally. Our brains process complex data in 2D less effectively than 3D Data. If computers could bring intelligent insights to our lives in a three-dimensional format, it would improve how we work, play and learn by multiple orders of magnitude. AjnaLens aims to bring this future to everyone with its wearable holographic computer powered by artificial intelligence. Our devices can understand you, your surroundings, and the immediate task at hand to help you make insightful quick decisions to improve immensely human productivity.

Transforming Businesses with Extended Reality

AjnaLens intends to transform the way businesses operate with state-of-the-art extended reality (XR) applications to modernise training, business operations and customer interactions. Essentially giving future Business leaders the ability to superimpose digital content on the real world, helping them perceive and process information in the most concise way possible. Applications such as Ajna Remote Assistant, Digital Twins and Avatar creation will extend human capabilities to visualise, create, collaborate and learn while saving cost, time and physical resources.

Strengthening India’s Defence with Extended Reality

Modern warfare systems need to be resilient to increase mission effectiveness. Leveraging technologies such as mixed reality and artificial intelligence, AjnaLens is working to upgrade the weapon systems, the tanks and the training of defence forces. By reinforcing existing defence systems with the world’s most advanced technologies, AjnaLens strives to make India self-reliant in the defence sector.

Revolutionising Security & Surveillance with Extended Reality:

The AR-enabled smart headsets by AjnaLens are the first of their kind in India, focused on surveillance and security. The headgear incorporates Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality, an integral part of enhanced surveillance in today's complex threat landscapes and rapidly expanding technologies. The smart helmets are outfitted with cutting-edge technologies that will transform homeland security and emergency services.

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