Create. Publish. Earn.

AjnaVidya enables you to design, distribute and earn effortlessly from the XR experiences you create. Save time and create faster with XR cloud streaming, and ready-to-use resources like our Software Development Kit (SDK) and APIs.

Ajna Developer Hub

Your one-stop hub for seamless XR development, integrating AjnaXR headset with wireless connectivity, uninterrupted testing, and visual debugging tools.

Download our SDKs and APIs, containing unique readymade tools that you will not find elsewhere.


Enhanced tools that will help you effortlessly design your experience with 3D Assets in our Asset Library.


Optimise your performance, get real-time analytics and access our proprietary XR Cloud Streaming technology.


Once built, make your content global on the AjnaVidya via Publisher Hub and always stay ahead with performance reports and in-house cloud services.


Ajna Remote Desktop

Experience the power of Ajna Remote Desktop: a virtualized solution for remote, scalable high-performance computing, ideal for XR development.

Say “Namaskaram” to amazing computing power with cost savings, limitless connectivity and improved security with the Ajna Remote Desktop.

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Our virtual machines are optimised for open-source virtualisation and can be customised as per your need.

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Enjoy flexibility of working remotely with seamless connectivity to a high power machine with the Ajna Remote Desktop.

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Using virtual machines like Ajna Remote Desktop, enhances security and allows you to create, conceptualise and design XR environments seamlessly.

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Ajna Publisher Hub

Simplify XR publishing with Ajna Publisher Hub: Submit, review, monetize specialized training for AjnaVidya on AjnaXR.

Effortless Content Upload

Easily upload specialized training content for AjnaVidya

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Quality Assurance Made Simple

Seamlessly undergo the review process to ensure quality and relevance.

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Maximize Your Earnings

Effortlessly monetize your XR content and maximize revenue opportunities.

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AjnaVidya Platform

augmenting intelligence
to enhance human potential

One Device, Best Device With XR Cloud Streaming

Gone are the days of streaming high-poly, immersive experience from your machine to your headset. Now enjoy the power of streaming directly to your AjnaXR headsets using the XR cloud streaming service. Click, claim and play any immersive content directly on the AjnaXR headsets and seamlessly engage with immersive environments without the restrictions of using a system.

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