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How it all started

Inspired and motivated by the capabilities of a human to evolve and do things beyond imagination, AjnaLens was born. Ajna represents the sixth primary chakra, or the third eye, whereas Lens stands for next-generation wearable technology. The two, when put together, can transform human lives, empowering and enabling them to unleash their potential and reach the highest version of themselves. And that is what forms the base of everything that we have done or will do. AjnaLens' AR glasses were born as a catalyst to outperform in work and personal lives. What initially started as a revolutionary tool for the defence sector proved invaluable and expanded into enterprise and training sectors. The make-in-India, for-the-world vision emanated in our experts' minds, creating newer avenues of innovation and growth in the tech space. Pushing our own limits and setting standards, we built the industry’s first metaverse training platform, redefining the entire learning ecosystem. AjnaLens seeks to lead by example, making immersive learning the new form of skill training. Our technology has proven especially beneficial across all sectors (enterprise, defence, educational, etc.), and we constantly strive to push the boundaries through our advanced hardware and customised software solutions. The future is now, and AjnaLens creates a new technological frontier, transforming societies for the better.


Meet our founders


Pankaj Raut

Co-Founder, CEO

Pankaj is the Co-founder and CEO of AjnaLens (Dimension NXG). Heading the marketing and business development activities with his expertise, he is driven by the vision to create grassroots-level impact. He wears an innate desire to facilitate positive change in people's lives, building a world where every individual is self-sustainable and capable of fulfilling their own basic needs.

Abhishek Tomar

Co-Founder, CTO

Abhishek is the Co-founder and CTO of AjnaLens (Dimension NXG). His skillset specialises in computer vision & computer graphics, and his AR+AI work has been featured in award-winning films & computer games. He is the spiritual core techie behind all IPs & various algorithms deployed on our wearables.

Abhijit Patil

Co-Founder, COO

Abhijit is the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of AjnaLens (Dimension NXG) and serves on its Board of Directors. As COO of India's leading AI-powered Mixed Reality company, he leads a talented workforce of industrious employees with his diverse industry and functional expertise and is committed to driving business, profit and market share growth.
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