Enhancing Capabilities of Defence Forces with Indigenous VR/AR & XR Technologies

We are on a mission to transform the capabilities of our defence forces with indigenous, reliable, high-performance technology solutions for future warfare. We also aim to bring a paradigm shift in technical & tactical training – across all the three services – to provide immersive training experience for deep learning and understanding of complex weapon systems & strategic decision making.

Empowering India With Indigenous Defence Technologies

AjnaESAS (Enhanced Situational Awareness System)

This see-through armour system integrates a day and night surveillance system with indigenously designed and manufactured Augmented Reality Head-Mounted Glasses, to provide enhanced situational awareness to the crew of the tracked weapons system. It does this by providing real time, seamless, 360°, coloured and thermal image views of the surroundings, even with a closed hatch, during day, night or inclement weather conditions. Overcoming the current limitations Read More


Defending India with Innovation

Enhanced situational awareness, faster decision-making & improved training efficiency. Extended Reality for Enhancing Defence Capabilities