Augmenting Human Intelligence

AjnaLens presents the most comfortable and immersive mixed reality devices with solutions that deliver value instantly. The mixed-reality headgears present new possibilities to connect intuitively and effectively with the digital world without separating from your reality. Our make-in-India AR/VR wearables primarily accelerate the Defence, Enterprise, and Training sectors. In addition to our mixed reality hardware, we also deliver end-to-end XR solutions tailored to business demands.

Your Business with Augmented Reality

We at AjnaLens help small to large businesses reduce operational time, cost and errors while increasing productivity, efficiency and revenue. Leverage technologies like AR, VR, MR and AI to optimize business processes and achieve ROI within a year without needing to invest heavily into technology. Even if your company has never tried XR before, our plug and play solutions makes it easy for you to implement across various functions.

XR for business optimisation

Revolutionizing Military Operations with Mixed Reality

The mixed reality headsets from AjnaLens provide solutions to combat challenges in the Defense sector. We augment human capacities, allowing military personnel to make informed decisions. Our modular designs increase mission effectiveness by reinforcing existing defense systems. Our devices work in adverse weather situations and enhance soldiers' battlefield awareness.

Augmented Reality: A New Frontier in
Security and Surveillance

The AR-enabled smart headsets by AjnaLens are the first of their kind in India, focused on surveillance and security. The headgear incorporates Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality, an integral part of enhanced surveillance in today's complex threat landscapes and rapidly expanding technologies. The smart helmets are outfitted with cutting-edge technologies that will transform homeland security and emergency services.


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