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Our Vision For Security & Surveillance

We aim to upgrade the tactical operations of India’s homeland security and surveillance through our Mixed Reality headgears that offer advanced surveillance and operation planning capabilities. The parameters offered by AjnaLens’ current technologies are just the start. AjnaLens’ Mixed Reality headgear can be modified with custom applications depending on the demands of the departments.

AjnaTX Helmet

The AjnaTX helmet is India’s first Mixed Reality and AI-enabled.
smart helmet designed for security and surveillance.

Key Features

Facial Recognition
Augmented Reality
Thermal Vision
Emotion Detection

Facial Recognition

Instantaneous recognition of facial, voice-print and other biometric data of known criminals enables identification of criminals and suspects

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence technologies on the Ajna headgears can instantly identify, locate and analyze objects and individuals, even from distances, enhancing the capabilities of the wearer

Augmented Reality

AjnaLens’ AR-powered headsets can be used for effective planning of missions with scalable 3D maps and for visualizing forensic data present at the crime scenes

Thermal Vision

Thermal imaging in AjnaLens’ headgears can be used to track down and apprehend fleeing criminals, locate buried or concealed disaster survivors, or missing persons in search and rescue operations

Emotion Detection

AI-powered emotion detection capabilities enable users to identify individuals in distress even in crowds and at distances

Advanced Solutions
for Homeland Security

With today’s complex threat landscape and growing technology, actionable intelligence offered on time is imperative. AjnaLens’ mixed reality helmet is the first of its kind in India to revolutionize security and surveillance.


AjnaTX Helmet incorporates Mixed reality combined with Artificial Intelligence, a critical aspect of advanced surveillance within today’s complex threat landscapes and constantly advancing technology. This helps in real-time monitoring patrol activities through the use of video/audio feeds from the outdoor security cameras.

Crime Scene

AjnaTX is a promising and valuable technology for analyzing crime scenes due to its holographic visualization capabilities. Facial recognition and Augmented Reality technologies powered with Artificial Intelligence enable collecting evidence to be more convenient and hassle-free. The viewer’s high-resolution video and audio feed can also be recorded for further analysis and investigation. It can be used to visualize data that is detectable by sensors at crime scenes, such as bloodstains and blood patterns.

Operation Planning

AjnaTX helmet can be customized to provide scalable 3D maps with building floor plans, sewer system schematics, and public transportation routes for enhanced planning, improving the visualization of the operation, and aids in decision-making.

Increased Situational

The AjnaTX delivers real-time intelligence about the crimes and criminals in patrol areas. The patrol area can be analyzed and evaluated to comprehend the situation better and ensure public safety, making patrolling efficient.

Search and Rescue

Detection of inaccessible and hidden locations can be easily done using AjnaTX headgear’s thermal sensing technology. AjnaTX utilizes thermal imaging for tracking fleeing criminals, locating buried or concealed disaster survivors and missing people.

Tactical Mission Capabilities

The use of Augmented Reality networks via AjnaTX headgear can manage the coordinated use of robots, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and police officers to enhance surveillance activities. Using our AI-powered devices can significantly minimize the amount of personnel and resources used in the process.

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