India, 5th February 2020:- AjnaLens (Dimension NXG Pvt. Ltd.) launched India’s first AI-powered mixed-reality wearable for defence ‘AjnaBoltin the presence of Hon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Raksha Mantri Shree Rajnath Singh and Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Shree Yogi Adityanath at the DefExpo 2020 held at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. 

Five years ago, AjnaLens started with a vision to have a positive impact on society. Their aim is to bring about this impact not just by developing cutting-edge technology but also by boosting the national economy, generating employment and bringing world-class manufacturing. 

The defence sector has always been at the forefront of using emerging technological advancements for training and combat enhancements. With the expanding possibilities of data and graphics processing, the number of uses of mixed reality (also known as advanced augmented reality) in the defence is growing exponentially. Artificial Intelligence (AI) combined with Mixed reality (MR) is becoming a critical part of modern warfare. Defence systems equipped with AI and MR improve human decision-making capability and human-to-machine interaction. 

The Mixed Reality glasses can do all the computing done today in mobiles and computers. It shows you all the digital information overlaying in front of your eyes at an appropriate distance. AjnaBolt is a military-grade AI-powered Mixed Reality glasses. It improves the soldiers’ battlefield awareness, reduces the number of devices that must be carried, and helps them accomplish the mission more efficiently. It is designed to provide advanced lethality to increase survivability and thus, increasing mission success capability. 

AjnaBolt enables soldiers to see beyond the line of sight, see 360-degrees sitting inside the armoured vehicles, see through fog, dust, smoke etc. Additionally, the glasses are used for upgrading weapons, providing advanced training and simulations, providing guided assembly, maintenance, repairs and much more. Its modular design helps the user to mount it on headgear or use it as standalone glasses. With many compatible software solutions, AjnaBolt can be used for various objectives not only in the field of defence but Homeland security as well. 

During the launch, Mr. Pankaj Raut – Co-Founder & CEO of AjnaLens explained his vision behind AjnaBolt. He said “We are overloaded by information today. We

found a way to compile all this information and present it most intuitively in order to understand and make better decisions. Combining AI with Mixed Reality technology helps in expanding our understanding of any situation, thus decreasing response time while increasing the effectiveness of the mission. It takes mission planning, coordination, and execution to the next level. We are proud to be the first Indian company to create mixed-reality glasses for Defence. I am sure it will not only strengthen our armed forces and make every mission more successful but will also make our nation an exporter in defence technologies.” 

AjnaLens has also developed many applications to enhance the user experience and usability of AjnaBolt like AjnaHolotable App which is the next generation of operation planning tools to provide an accurate representation of the battlefield in a 3D holographic map. AjnaHolotable enables users to visualize the battlefield before and during the war for planning and monitoring respectively thus saving an ample amount of time as digital maps are easily loaded. Users can pan, rotate, manipulate, interact or annotate with the maps using gesture inputs which enables them to get a view of the terrain from multiple perspectives and accurately point out the tactical advantages in the field ahead of the real-life action. 

The company also launched Ajna Enhanced Situational Awareness System (AjnaESAS), a solution developed under IDEX a program by the ministry of defence. AjnaESAS enables the crew to have a 360° field of view from inside the tank (or any land/naval system). It comprises a camera system and an Augmented Reality Head Mounted Display (AR-HMD). AjnaESAS enables the crew to eliminate blind spots in the darkest, most obscured conditions, keeping drivers informed and safe. It improves survivability by empowering drivers to safely navigate through dust, sand, haze, smoke, and the blackest night. 

AjnaBolt is also a breakthrough application in the line of Assembly, Repair, and Maintenance. AjnaBolt gives users the ability to know the exact size and location of where every bolt should be placed, without ever having to take their eyes off of the task at hand. If something is out of place or missing, a notification is immediately sent to the head mounted display. Users will no longer have to trace their steps back to find what caused the error. The instructions on how to correct it will be provided to the user instantly, ensuring that the assembly can keep moving forward with little to no time wasted. AjnaBolt also provides on-field remote assistance where an expert sitting anywhere in the world can virtually guide the user who is repairing the machine on-site. 

When asked about the possible market response for AjnaBolt, Mr. Rishi Desai – Senior Marketing Strategist of AjnaLens said, “AjnaBolt will not only help Armed Forces but also provide an edge to defence contractors. It helps manufacturers in

upgrading their product offerings and reducing costs in training, assembly, maintenance, and repair. We are already in talks with some of them and are thrilled by the response from the market.” 

At Defence Expo 2020, AjnaLens has signed an MOU with UPEIDA (UP Expressway Industrial Development Authority) to set up a manufacturing unit. They are getting immense support from the govt. and aiming to export this technology in future. 

Today, AjnaLens serves the Defence & Education sectors and soon launching their Enterprise version. Their customers include names like Indian Army, Indian Navy, DRDO, and other private players like ATOP food, Khimji Ramdas, PM Experts, and multiple XR companies. AjnaLens is open to collaborating with various organizations for fundraising and business expansion. 

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