How Is VR Training Different From Traditional Trai...

If you could train your employees with a program that was more effective, less expensive and had better retention than traditional training methods, would you do it? I’d undoubtedly try. Sounds too good to be true but, believe it or

VR Training solution: Pros & Cons

Heard this famous saying “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand”? The quote in itself indicates the importance of doing a thing to learn it well. This is what VR Training is

What is VR Training?

What is VR Training? Every time a new technology comes into existence, leaders across the globe look for opportunities to implement and embed the same within their business operations. Be it building an online presence over the web or moving

How Virtual Reality is Transforming Industrial Man...

The manufacturing industry plays a crucial role in the growth and development of a nation’s economy. It is one of those sectors that sees the majority of innovation and directly influences the productivity of other industries. Hence, it is imperative

Combatting Skilled Labour Shortage In Manufacturin...

The manufacturing industry being one of the most important of all has been on the radar for quite some time.  Long before the pandemic struck, organisational leaders reported talent shortage as one of their major challenges. Today, the situation has

Industrial Training: Are conventional methods stil...

Industrial Training: Are conventional methods still effective? Does your organisation have employee training facilities to train and upskill them on modern technologies? If it does, what modes of training are deployed within your company? A recent report published by the

Manufacturing Industry: A quick recap

Manufacturing Industry: A quick recap The last couple of years has been hard for industries worldwide. Extensive pressure to ensure business continuity while adapting to the work-from-home policy pushed multiple industries on the brink of extinction. While the service-based companies

Metaverse: Everything you should know about it.

October 28, 2021, the social media giant Facebook made a major announcement. The company is rebranding itself, and it’s official name changes to ‘Meta’. Until the night above, the concept of metaverse was confined to the tech industries but no