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Must Know Facts Before Choosing a Metaverse Course!

Metaverse has been establishing the fact that it has the potential to draw people into a world found only in ideation once. As a spectrum of virtually networked extended reality, the Metaverse has changed how enterprises choose to interact with their users nowadays. The immersive XR experiences, as a result of an amalgamation of augmented reality, mixed reality, and virtual reality, have led to even non-gaming industries picking this up. 

Enterprises across all industries are rapidly adapting to the metaverse wave creating demand for metaverse creators. A recent survey highlighted the opening of 55,000 jobs in the metaverse in July in India. Accenture, on the other hand, has announced hiring 1.5 lakh people in the metaverse. Additionally, the crown prince of Dubai said that their metaverse strategy would create 40,000 metaverse jobs in the next five years. 

It is evident that the industry is booming and now is the right time to build your career in it. There are multiple crash courses and in-depth programs designed to learn the step-by-step process of building a metaverse. However, not knowing industry requirements might be a challenge for you to decide which course to opt for. This article will help you understand the key elements to take note of when picking a metaverse creation course. Without much ado, let’s get started.

8 Things to consider when choosing a metaverse creation course

  • Holistic Curriculum

Learning the metaverse is not just about knowing how to create immersive experiences but also understanding the key components that together build up the ecosystem. Technically, metaverse comprises elements such as NFT, Blockchain, AR/VR, Digital twin, blockchain, etc. It is important to have sufficient knowledge of each of these to become an expert at creating stunning, and industry-relevant metaverse experiences. Furthermore, it aids skill development and ensures that the learner is industry-ready by the end of the course. Hence, choosing a program that offers a thorough understanding of the process makes a significant difference.

  • Industry-preferred Tool

With the first phase of the Metaverse already begun, the debate about the best developer tool between Unity versus Unreal engine is still very much there. Views are divided depending on the flexibility, compatibility, adaptability, and utility these tools provide potential developers. Let us break this down to understand the utility of these tools from a Metaverse perspective.

Unity was launched in 2004 and is one of the popular development engines around. On the other hand, Unreal, since its launch, has been one of the most extensively used tools around the globe. While Unreal’s latest version Unreal Engine 5 released in April 2022, Unity has been running Unity 5 since 2017.

Head-to-head, VFX quality is the dealbreaker for any tool where Unreal Engine takes the edge over Unity with a slightly better definition and a smoother blend of graphics overall. While Unity is relatively easier to use, the Unreal engine takes a lead in the rendering, animation, support quality, scripting, and pricing aspect of the platform. In brief, while there is no significant dissimilarity between Unity and Unreal Engine, the latter takes the higher pedestal with certain specifications.

  • Learning Methodology

While numerous courses help you learn about the Metaverse and all its aspects through videos, there is more to it. Practical learning allows you to have a deeper understanding of any concept through personal experience. It is something you don’t find in theoretical ways. Newer and pristine skills are often learned better through step-by-step hand-holding that can help understand its basics.

The Metaverse is more than just a merely virtual world. With the rapid evolution of this technology, there will be a need for personalization only possible with a practical understanding of it. Courses that encompass practice-based, experiential learning would help you become better and ace the technology. 

  • Access to AR/VR headset

Creating a Metaverse is one part of the job half done. Deploying it in a system using an AR/VR headset is an integral part of a complete Metaverse creation process. While most Metaverse courses do not come with a headset, some provide a third-party headset to run their projects on its platform. It is where knowing about the ideal headset to deploy your Metaverse becomes crucial. Irrespective of whether the course teaches you to design over the web or the virtual interface, you would require a headset considering that you are learning the technology to build your career in it. 

  • Projects to work on

The Metaverse has seen fascinating use cases over the past few years. From gaming, training, healthcare, finance, and education- we have witnessed it growing big. However, any Metaverse creation course is incomplete without a real-time experience of a live industry project. One learns about the shortcomings of his skills from the practical use case of a specific assignment. A comprehensive course that allows the creators to test their projects in real-world scenarios should be the priority before opting for one.

  • Internship Opportunities

As mentioned above, many enterprises are advancing towards Metaverse as a significant paradigm in technology. With the Metaverse expected to value more than $100 Billion by the end of 2022, and thousands of career dimensions in the next 5 years, it is definitely not a fad. It’s not a single technology or device but an entire umbrella that brings endless opportunities. Learning about Metaverse is not enough when you don’t grab these opportunities to have the first mover’s advantage. Hence, one should realize the opportunities a program provides upon completion.

  • Instructors of the course

As it is said, one day with a great teacher is better than a thousand days of diligent study. It becomes paramount for a course to have the best educators for a curriculum that remains unexplored. Reliability and trust for the teachers aid the learning process and nurture the skill level better than others. Instructors with industry-based knowledge at their fingertips and who can encourage your curiosity by offering real-time solutions are exemplary.

  • Certifications Provided

No course holds credibility without a legitimate certification to back it. With not many specialized certificate programs around- it is challenging to understand the benchmark set for these courses. A certification that holds a global value is a tough nut to crack. Government-backed courses are the way to go in this case. They offer credibility and trust and add value to the learning. Courses that work towards upskilling with excellence and perfection will not compromise this.


Partial knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge. With so many Metaverse creation courses around, finding the best one based on these aspects becomes critical for your career. You can’t compromise with learning when high-quality education is available just a click away.

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