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AjnaLens Unveils Reality Cloud Platform for Capturing and Sharing Our Reality For a True-to-Life Metaverse PRESS RELEASE

UltraSlim. Portable. Pocketable.

Our innovative designers and engineers were able to fit the most powerful display technology in a compact pair of glasses. Be it business meetings, factory visits or while commuting to work, carry your glasses wherever you go.

Enhance Capabilities of Your Design Team

Empower your design team to visualise 3D models in a real-world environment. So, they can evaluate and improve their designs faster and more effectively. They can superimpose 3D virtual designs on actual models to check the feasibility & dimensional accuracy

Create Virtual Product Catalogues

Create a virtual product catalogue and have your clients walk through it as if they were walking through your physical showroom. Let your clients have immersive product experiences where they can freely interact and understand more about your offerings.

Accelerate Complex Sales Processes

Empower your sales representatives to give demos of large and complex products at the client’s workspace without carrying them physically. They can superimpose the 3D model at the physical location where it is supposed to be installed

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Dimension NXG Pvt Ltd

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501, Arcadia, Hiranandani Estate, Patlipada, GB Road, Thane- 400607, Maharashtra, India

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Email: hello@ajnalens.com