Boost your organization’s ROI with AjnaXR Station


in training cost


to handle hazards


in training time




increase in interaction
and engagement


reduction in
carbon footprint

AjnaXR Station

Skill-specific tools
Guided training modules
Industry-validated content

The Ultimate Phygital Training Solution

Experience training like never before

As the next-gen training ecosystem, AjnaXR station offers a 360-degree immersive environment with dynamic training modules.

Virtual is now more than real

Actual tools to teach, train and test your employees. Blending the real with the virtual offering simulated learning experience.

Know where the gap lies

Mastery meter to assess, analyze and measure the performance followed by detailed reports highlighting the level of proficiency.


One station for all skills
One station for all skills

One hardware to align with all your training needs, AjnaXR station is designed to scale, adapting to the content library.

Psychomotor dexterity training
Psychomotor dexterity training

Train the reflexes to build muscle memory. VR-simulated training is crafted keeping in mind the need for fine motor skills.

Learn fast, fail safely
Learn fast, fail safely

Test, try, fail, and repeat. Risk-free learning has been a rare experience but with XR station, you can now make it possible.

Practise unlimited times
Practise unlimited times

Learn, unlearn and relearn. Be the master, own the skill. Do not stop until perfection meets the performance.

Zero spends on raw material
Zero spends on raw material

Shape, mould, paint, weld, drive, construct. Do all and as many times as required without paying for any of it.

Instructor-led guided training
Instructor-led guided training

Pre and post training lessons. Safety instructions and step-by-step procedures. Real-time tips and on-the-job assistance.

Access inbuilt library of 100’s of SOPs and training modules

Build a fully-customized module for your company.

Superior life-like training experience using actual industry tools



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