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AjnaSuite is an invaluable industry 4.0 solution for reducing operational cost, time and errors while increasing productivity, efficiency and revenue.


in operational cost, time and errors


in productivity,efficiency and revenue

3D Holographic Product Visualization

For industrial design and industry applications using CAD files, AjnaSuite proves invaluable in reinforcing the business value delivered to clients and employees by transforming products and services

Accelerate Complex Sales Processes

Empower your sales representatives to give demos of large and complex products at the client’s workspace without carrying them physically. They can superimpose the 3D model at the physical location where it is supposed to be installed

Create Virtual Product Catalogues

Create a virtual product catalogue and have your clients walk through it as if they were walking through your physical showroom. Let your clients have immersive product experiences where they can freely interact and understand more about your offerings.

Enhance Capabilities of Your Design Team

Empower your design team to visualise 3D models in a real-world environment. So, they can evaluate and improve their designs faster and more effectively. They can superimpose 3D virtual designs on actual models to check the feasibility & dimensional accuracy before manufacturing.

Our 3D holographic visualization
also comes with..

Drag, Rotate, Scale or See Cross-section of the 3D model

Sticky notes and annotations

Instantly convert your CAD file into a hologram

Customize your 3D models with pre-loaded libraries for materials, shaders, virtual environments, as well as environment lights.

AR-Guided Remote Assistance and Collaboration

Remote Assistance reduces equipment or operational downtimes by getting your team the right expert assistance instantly. This saves tremendous costs while increasing operational efficiency. Now collaborate with anyone, anywhere seamlessly.

Remote Inspection and Troubleshooting

Connect your field technicians with remote experts to assess problems, troubleshoot day-to-day issues, and perform maintenance on machines in real-time, from anywhere in the world.

Real-Time Virtual Tours

Be it a tour of your factory floor, difficult to access areas, industrial plant or your dream real-estate property - You can visit all of it virtually by seeing what the other person is seeing at the actual location.

Holographic Collaboration

Collaborate with your colleagues holographically to train together, work on the same model in real-time, review data and solve complex problems faster. Feel their presence in your room and continue to nurture your relationships remotely.

For Seamless Collaboration we also offer you

See-what-I-see capability

Documentation made easy

Expert can annotate in the field-of-view

Collaborate with Avatar

AR-Guided Training and Operations

Revamp the way you train and guide your employees anywhere anytime by ditching large paper manuals.

Train Your New Hires Faster & Effectively

Instead of a typical lengthy, classroom-style, manual-based training, train your employees faster with virtual AR-guided instructions on a real machine or its holographic 3D model.

On-the-Job Guidance

Increase the productivity of new hires and experienced employees by providing them with holographic guidance on the machine they are operating or the task they are performing.

Remote Machine Operation with IoT

The application, once integrated with IoT, enables you to perform your tasks seamlessly by remotely visualizing data from machines as well as operating them. This is nothing less than a superpower to skyrocket your productivity.

To smoothen your Training we also offer

Overlay virtual guide on a physical machine

No-coding required

Upload all kinds of asset

Performance data analytics

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