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A tool for Transformation

AjnaLite elevates the AR & VR industry to a whole new level of experience and affordability. With the power of AR & VR in a single device, Industry-leading FOV, astonishing Holographic clarity and much more.

AR + VR in One

Fundamentally designed to give you the power of AR and VR in a single wireless headset. Switch between AR or VR experience, just by adding a cover.

84° FOV

Full HD AMOLED screen-based wide colour gamut provides a colour palette capable of creating the most vibrant Holograms and Virtual Worlds.

Onboard Computing

32-bit Quad-Core Processor with a 2 GB RAM delivers amazing performance backed by Integrated GPU & a Quad-core 3D Graphics engine.

Remote Computing

With the greatest computing expansion ability. Ajnalite is a system with the ability to run AR/VR application on PC and wirelessly experiencing them on the headset.

Power to change Industries.

Made for Education & Training

The new generation of Headsets.

AR & VR in One

With a resolution of 1920×1080 powered with dynamic relighting technology, the results are positively jaw-dropping. Holograms & Virtual Worlds take on a new level of detail and realism. Text is sharp and clear. The AMOLED display produces light from the individual pixels, making the brightness multiple times better than LCD based HMD’s. And you’re going to love what you see.

84° FOV

high-resolution Field of View


Razor-sharp text clarity


dynamic hologram technology


switch by changing the visor


Next Dimension of Computing

Transcend Beyond Limitations

Chakra LiteOS is the operating system behind everything you do on an AjnaLite. It simply lets you do things not possible on other headsets. That’s because it’s based on Android OS. Bringing the most powerful features on Android to Augmented and Virtual Reality. 

AjnaLite + Computer

You asked it, we delivered. AjnaLite wirelessly works with your computer in ways no other headset can.


32-bit Quad-Core Processor with a 2 GB RAM. 16 GB Hard disk. 1.8 GHz Processor Speed. Integrated GPU – Quad-core 3D Graphics engine.


Run High-End and Steam VR apps on PC, Experience on AjnaLite.

Essential built-in apps.

Every AjnaLite comes installed with a set of productivity and creative apps. So you can get right to work, learn or play.


Google Play
Media Player
Google Chrome
Music Player


Infinite Possibilities.

Your AjnaLite is made for Expansion. Increase storage with SD card or USB drive. Easily add amazing capabilities to your AjnaLite with supported USB 2.0 devices.  

Bluetooth & Wifi

Take the immersive experience to a whole new level, by connecting accessories to your AjnaLite’s Bluetooth 5.0 or connecting on the same wifi network.


Sensory Mask
DIY Kits


The power of Ajna. Taken further.


Invite others into your virtual or augmented space to collaborate on the same models, design, files, video, etc. from different locations in the same room.


EduXR provides an unparalleled way to immersively captivate students of all ages. powered with syllabus based content, Virtual Labs to a central management system. 

One to Many

Take control of the most powerful tool of education. One teacher, multiple students. One instructor, multiple learners.


There is no better way to instantly meet someone living miles away. AjnaPort for Ajnalite allows to holographically meet, talk, laugh with anyone as if you are meeting face to face.

ecosystem behind the vision


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"A gold mine for AR VR developers, studios and companies.

Conan Immersive Tech

"AjnaLens + EduXR = Revolution in the Education and Training Space."

SP Labs Co.

"Many innovative use cases of the AjnaLite exist within our business for training, maintenance, and logistics. I'm very proud to see Ajnalite, an all-Indian headset, becoming a powerful enterprise tool for the next generation."

Nailesh Khimji


“now this is the push ar/vr industry needed!”

As a content developer, it was always a challenge to convince customers to buy expensive AR devices. Looking at what NXG guys have done with AjnaLite, this is exactly the push AR/VR industry needed. – Beta Tester

“I see this device changing a lot of industries!”

From entertainment, gaming to education, I see this device changing a lot of industries. I see myself using AjnaLite on a daily basis for my work. And Play! – Beta Tester

“Amazed by the Experience!”

I have been using AR and VR headsets for some time, but when I got an opportunity to beta test AjnaLite, I was amazed by the experience. Going forward, definitely, this is going to be my headset of choice. – Beta Tester


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