AjnaLite Global Developer Challenge – Education

Augmented & Virtual Reality offers an exhilarating way of rediscovering the familiar world through an unfamiliar lens. As Michael Heim posits in his 1993 book, The Metaphysics of Virtual Reality, VR has signaled an ontological shift in how human beings interact with and utilize technology. However, the most important question for educators and developers alike pertains to the optimum utilization of our technological innovations and the ways in which we can harness their power to shape the future of education.
With this in mind, we have launched AjnaLite Global Developers Challenge. Submit videos to win AjnaLite kit and be featured at AjnaLite launch 2019.


transform the way we learn

Get creative, make education interesting.

The possibilities of creating immersive AR VR experiences using Unity 3D are virtually limitless. For this contest, we want to encourage you to use it to empower others.

The theme of this challenge is to “make learning interesting.” Leverage the power of AR VR in meaningful ways to produce transformational learning opportunities for students around the world.  From syllabus based education, practical skills to life lessons or even awareness of interesting world issues and causes. 

Example: Experience like Breaking Boundaries VR from Filament Games, where the player can walk through the labs of famous women in science to learn about their groundbreaking work.

for visionaries

About & How to Enter?

Our goal is to bring together developers from across the globe to build AR or VR educational content (syllabus based or otherwise) that sparks the interest of the learner. Encourages the student to learn more and explore further.

How to enter?

  • STEP-I: Fill out the application form on the page.
  • STEP-II: Upload your first concept Youtube video before 20 Sept with #AjnaLiteChallange.
  • Then Unity developers are invited to submit at least 3 videos:
  1. Concept Video
    • Summarize the concept/idea/project and how it makes learning interesting.
    • Outline the inspiration behind the project, including any references or concepts used to design the project.
  2. WIP Video
    • Work-In-Progress updates reveal something about the creative process.
    • Highlight the tools and features used to create the project.
    • Highlight any assets created in-house or Unity Asset Store tools or assets used.
  3. The final video & Unity Project
    • Showing what the student will see.
    • Attribute and link to any teammates and add them as contributors.


  • The global top three winner win AjnaLite Kit with global exposure during the AjnaLite launch.
  • Grand Prize, Community’s Choice, Best Concept

All developers and AjnaLite team will be interacting on a common slack channel –

Submission with #AjnaLiteChallenge

How to standout

Judging Criteria

The submissions will be evaluated from a scale of 0 to 100 on several factors:

  • Potential Impact – 30 Points
    • Does this project drive home the message of the theme? Does it inspire the audience to action? Does it show potential success through public feedback?
  • Creativity – 25 Points
    • Does this project approach the problem from an interesting perspective? Does the art and design drive the narrative?
  • Polish – 25 Points
    • Does the end result work seamlessly? Does it look and feel complete?
  • Pitch – 20 Points
    • How strongly does your project convey its message to the audience?

To Get in 




First video

before 20 September


Unity 2018.1 or higher


Make learning Interesting

Last day to submit

October 20 2019

Winner Declared

30 October 2019

Grand Prize


"Feeding our senses a stimuli that is so similar to what we see in reality, that we interpret it as reality. In all other mediums your consciousness is interpreting a medium. But in VR there is no gap. You aren’t internalizing it. You are internal in it. It’s a quantum leap in mediums because the medium is disappearing.

Chris Milk, Founder of VRSE

"I'm excited about Augmented Reality because unlike Virtual Reality, which closes the world out, AR allows individuals to be present in the world but hopefully allows an improvement on what's happening presently."

Tim Sweeney CEO of Epic Games

“AR allows you to bring almost anything you need into your classroom”

“Augmented & Virtual Reality are powerful tools that can exponentially increase the resources available in your classroom. AR allows you to bring almost anything you need into your classroom and VR allows you to take your students almost anywhere in the universe. ” – Michael Fricano II Technology Integration Specialist K-6′- Iolani School

“AR and VR have the potential to change education for the better”

Both AR and VR have the potential to change education for the better. With tools more accessible to students and increased educator understanding, we will see instructional shifts that better benefit our students. If I had to pick one right now that excites me the most, I would choose AR. I see AR leveraged to provide students with in-the-moment experiences that relate to their immediate surroundings. With AR we can deploy interactive museum pieces and models. We can also support student identification of elements and objects around them. These types of learning opportunities allow students to maintain an unprecedented sense of mindfulness toward their learning context. – Micah Shippee, Teacher, Middle School Social Studies – Liverpool Central School District

“[Education] the ultimate applications for virtual and augmented reality”

After all of the experimentation over the last 40 years, there is no question about the extraordinary impact of immersive computing on education and training, which are and will always be the ultimate applications for virtual and augmented reality. The magic dust is that (if done well) sensory immersive unlocks spatial memory and students remember. In essence being in a virtual world is like writing on the brain with permanent ink. – Tom Furness Professor University of Washington


STEP 1: Fill Out the below form to submit your entry

STEP 2: Start uploading video’s on Youtube with #AjnaLiteChallenge