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Inspired by Make in India, AjnaLens designed an indigenous, world-class product to transform how the Indian Armed Forces plan, collaborate and accomplish missions.

About AjnaBolt

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Transforming Defence with 

AI-Powered Mixed Reality Glasses

AjnaBolt is a military-grade AI-powered Augmented Reality glasses with 60° FOV. It is designed to provide advanced lethality to increase survivability and mission capability. 

AjnaBolt can operate flawlessly during the day, night and in adverse weather conditions such as dust, smoke and haze. Its modular design enables the user to use it with the headgear or as stand-alone glasses.

AjnaBolt improves the soldiers’ battlefield awareness, reduces the number of devices that must be carried, and helps them accomplish the mission more efficiently.


Upgrade fair weather weapons to all-weather weapons

Identify own forces and enemies

Visual aid in identifying, locking and  engaging the target

Increased efficiency of the mission

Reduced human resources, thus saving cost

Upgrade Weapon System

Enhance Sight and Navigation

Visualization with target detection and navigation overlays from:

Aerial feed from UAVs or choppers

Live and enhanced satellite images

Fast-moving aerial targets

Processed radar data

Advance Training & Simulation

With the use of an AR/VR system, soldiers can be trained in a more immersive way, putting them into a more physically and mentally stressing operational environments.

Mission Planning 2.0

Holographic Sandbox is the new generation of operation planning tools. It provides an accurate representation of the battlefield in a 3D holographic map. It makes the planning of the mission and rehearsals possible on short notices.

Upgrade Armoured Vehicles with AjnaESAS

Guided Assembly, Repair and Maintenance

For land and naval mobility systems such as a tank or a battleship, Ajna Enhanced Situational Awareness System eliminates blind spots in the darkest, most obscured conditions, keeping drivers informed and safe. It improves survivability by empowering drivers to safely navigate through dust, sand, haze, smoke, and the blackest night.

Ajnabolt gives mechanics the ability to know the exact size and location of where every bolt should be placed, without ever having to take their eyes off of the task at hand. If something is out of place or missing, a notification can immediately be sent to the heads up display. It also provides on-field remote assistance.

Product Specifications


Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Processor with built-in AI capability 

64-bit Octa-Core Processing Unit 


64GB Storage 

Integrated Wifi and Bluetooth 

Reflective See-Through Lens

Small form factor 

60 degrees 

1920 x 1080 FHD Resolution

Optics & FOV


400 grams

Ambient Light Sensor 

High Precision 6 DOF SLAM

RGB camera of FOV 79 degrees, 30fps

Depth camera ranging from 0.3 metres to 3 meters

Power Enhancement Sensor for longer battery usage

Microphone arrays for noise cancellation and robust sound input

6 DoF Retina tracking camera 

Tactile sensor


Thermal camera

Night Vision Camera


Head Motion 


Audio command 

Eye gestures

Hand gestures

User Interface

Stereoscopic speakers


Any light condition

4 hrs of continuous operation

Military grade material

Usage Condition


Unity SDK

Chakra OS on Android 8.0

Steam VR integration

AjnaRemoteRendering (ARR) integration 

Software Integration and Tools

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