We can live an extraordinary life if humans and computers together play by their strengths. Technology can process complex data and give us useful insights so that we can focus on creativity, problem-solving and meaningful collaborations.

We believe that all the major world problems we face today can be effectively solved if we combine the strengths of technology and human both. We design products which enhance human capabilities and are simple to use to help people make decisions being wiser than before. Our mixed reality headset is designed to augment human intelligence so that people can realize their full potential.

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Computers are designed to consume and analyse a huge volume of data and provide us with useful insights. But the experience of computers, laptops or mobiles has been limited to a 2D screen. These boundaries are fading away, creating new possibilities to interact with the digital world more intuitively and effectively without disconnecting with the room you are in and people you are with.

Add artificial intelligence and deep learning to this experience, you instantly transform into your Version 2.0. Imagine, you wear a pair of glasses (eventually, a lens) and immediately start doing things you couldn’t do a minute ago - things like flying a plane, repairing a machine you have never operated before, speaking a new language or even cooking your partner her favourite dish. Feels like a superhuman thing? Believe us, YOU ARE ONE!

At AjnaLens, we are constantly thriving to empower people with augmented intelligence so that they can take action or make a decision being wiser than before.

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What People Have To Say About Us

"Ajnalens has developed a very high-quality product for the defence sector – Ajna Bolt, an AR product. It is an excellent solution for enhancing the capability and empowering our armed forces and internal security personnel. In addition, the product also has varied applications. Ajnalens is a potential unicorn in making." 

"I am already seeing interesting use cases of the AjnaLens in our business in training, operations, and maintenance. AjnaLens will have pathbreaking use cases in defence and medical areas."

Amey Belorkar

Vice President at IDBI Capital 

Markets & Securities Ltd

Nailesh Khimji

Ramesh Khimji Group of Companies 

About Us

About Us

We augment human intelligence so that you can accomplish more.

Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you.

We're a team of innovators, thinkers, explorers and creative geniuses. We approach work and play with curiosity and experimentation, to create meaningful products that empower people, just like you.

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Augmenting Human Intelligence with AI-Powered Mixed Reality Headset


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